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What is Displaced?

Displaced is our original machinima series (machinima means it's animated using a video game.) Jacob writes the scripts, and the whole team records voice acting, builds the sets in Minecraft, and plays out the actions of the characters. Then, Jacob edits the voice parts together with the recorded animations, adds sound effects, and creates original music to make a finished product.

In addition to being an entertaining fan-fiction series, Displaced is also meant to showcase our production skills. Writing, management, editing, and composition are just a few of the talents required to make an original series. As you begin to watch, keep in mind that we're always learning, so production quality goes up over the course of the series.

What's it about?

Millions of years ago, the Ancients seeded life throughout the universe. After fighting several wars and living through many generations of peace, they left the humans of Earth to continue their legacy. This was the story told by the Stargate franchise.

Stargate Universe was canceled in 2011, but the story didn’t end there. Thousands of years later, a new team is rediscovering the Ancients. Join them as they’re displaced into an unexpected adventure across the galaxy!

Stargate is owned by MGM, and we’re not associated with them in any way. Think of this as a fan fiction!

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