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Nerd on the Street makes content using free & open software. The projects we showcase usually don't have the means to sponsor us, and we don't ask them to; we just want to spread awareness because we appreciate what they do.

However, that leaves us without a stable source of funding for our content. We make some revenue from limited third-party advertising (such as YouTube ads), but we need your support to grow. If you want to help us make more videos, keep control of our content, and prove that Linux can be used for production, join the Nerd Club through one of the payment methods below:

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In case you're wondering, we prefer that members join using Patreon so we can maintain a predictable income stream; however, all three options are priced the same, so choose whichever one suits you best!

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Member Benefits:

In return for your support, we give out exclusive benefits through our Nerd Club:

  • Livestream DVR: View recordings of past NOTS livestreams!
  • The NOTS Experience: Watch our vlogs for an inside look at the company!
  • Members-only areas: Access the exclusive Nerd Club chat room and forum!
  • Ad-free website: Browse our website without sidebar or banner ads!
  • Discord role: Enter the members-only channel on our Discord server!
  • Merch: We may occasionally send out free merchandise, such as DVDs of the productions you helped sponsor!

It's your support that keeps us running! How much are our videos worth to you? We appreciate every dollar you're able to contribute.

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Our Goals:

Self-sustaining servers: At this level, our web server, file server, and chat server will be completely funded by the Nerd Club! This means we can stay online forever as long as you keep supporting us.

$35 / $50

Rewards: When we achieve this goal, we will create an official NOTS IRC server, and we will start doing Saturday Night Hangout livestreams for our fans!

Right tools for the job: This level would allow us to upgrade our equipment across-the-board, including cameras, microphones, lights, and other gear designed for professional use.

$35 / $500

Rewards: When we achieve this goal, we will produce Life on Linux: Season 3!

Bigger things: A dedicated office? Jacob working on NOTS full-time? If we reach this level, anything's possible.

$35 / $5000

Rewards: To be determined.

We currently have 9 Patreon members and 3 pre-paid members.

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Who We Are:

Nerd on the Street is a video production company. Our mission is to inform and entertain our viewers while advocating for free & open software. You can learn more about us on our About page.