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Hello, I'm Jacob Kauffmann. Here at Nerd on the Street, I make videos using freedom-respecting and open-source software (and often demonstrating that software, too!)

In the course of seven years, I've created over 800 videos, and spread information about free & open-source tools to over two million viewers. Simply put, I want to spend more of my time making videos, and I want the resources to make them higher-quality. You can help me achieve that by joining the Nerd Club!

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In case you're wondering, I prefer that members join using Patreon; however, all three options are priced the same.

Member Benefits:

While I don't like to put my normal content behind any paywalls, I do offer a few exclusive benefits to Nerd Club members:

  • Ad-free website: Browse all NOTS content on this website without any third-party advertisements!
  • Livestream DVR: View recordings of past NOTS livestreams!
  • Members-only areas: Access the exclusive Nerd Club chat room and forum!
  • Discord role: Stand out as a supporter on the NOTS Discord server!
  • Exclusive content: Watch behind-the-scenes clips and vlogs for an inside look at my productions!
  • Merch: I may occasionally send out free merchandise, such as DVDs of the productions you helped sponsor!
  • Credits: See your NOTS username (or regular name) in the credits of my tech videos!

Are my videos worth $3/month to you? By supporting me, you'd be making a big difference in both my life and the free software movement.

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My Goals:

Self-sustaining servers: At this level, all NOTS infrastructure will be completely funded by the Nerd Club! This means my content can stay online forever (or as long as your support lasts.)

$65 / $50

Rewards: When this goal is reached, I'll create an official NOTS IRC server!

Right tools for the job: At this level, I'll be able to afford professional-level equipment to improve the production value of my videos.

$65 / $500

Rewards: When this goal is reached, I'll produce Life on Linux: Season 3, a complete video guide for making the switch to GNU/Linux!

Bigger things: At this level, I'll work on NOTS full-time, and I'll be able to start recruiting help to get more done.

$65 / $5000

Rewards: To be determined.

We currently have 19 Patreon members and 2 pre-paid members.

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Who We Are:

Nerd on the Street is a video production company. Our mission is to inform and entertain our viewers while advocating for free & open software. You can learn more about us on our About page.