Displaced: Season 2 - Premiere Livestream

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Join the creators of Displaced as they premiere Season 2 and discuss the production of the series.

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Hi, You mentioned a script writer. I don't need money I would do it for free. I have not watched all of the stargates. I have a base foundation of what a stargate is but I don't know all of the diffrent names. As long as you give me a idea of what you want the script to say I will write it.
I will not except money because seeing me actualy have an effect on this that would be cool.
My skype ID is: dirkdozer

If you say no thats fine. I have just one question to ask reguardless. What modpack do you use? If there is not a spicific one I ould like a download to them atleast.
Hi there! I'll send you a private message about scriptwriting, although I would like to say that for Displaced specifically, I would probably only be comfortable with people who have seen the entire Stargate franchise (Infinity excluded, of course).

As for the modpack, it is publicly available in the Technic Launcher! You can get it at technicpack.net. After you log in, go to the Modpacks section and search for "NOTS Recording Pack". Version 1 was used for Season 1 and Version 2 (the default version) was used for Season 2.