Episode 1 - The NOTS Experience

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Welcome to The NOTS Experience, our series of vlogs that bring you behind the scenes at Nerd on the Street! From technology, to creativity, to community and beyond, this is our way of showing our supporters what we're doing with our lives and how we're growing the company.

Episode 2 and onward will be exclusively for Nerd Club members, due to the personal nature of these videos and the critical role our supporters play in our lives. You can find a link to our Patreon page at http://nerdclub.nots.co.

- Series introduction: 0:11
- Recording the FileRun Review: 3:36
- Rant about people not having time: 9:23
- Passing my A+ Certification exam: 16:08
- Spotting vacant offices on my way to school: 18:32

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Awesome, love it, I so think the same :)