Authenticate Ubuntu against Active Directory

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Today, I'll demonstrate how to configure an Ubuntu 19.04 client so you can log in using accounts on your Windows Active Directory domain. We will use a PAM module that will ultimately authenticate via Kerberos to our Windows Server machine.

All of the commands and configuration I demonstrated are available here:

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Does this process work on Ubuntu 20.04?
Worked fine on 18.04.4 as well
Actually a third question…

for the method shown above, How might one migrate an existing account to BIND to an AD entry. so if a user had an existing local account, they would not have to go through the pain of re setting up their AD bound account
Great tutorial. Clear, understandable. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it seems straight forward.  The only thing that could make this better would be bringing up what snafus we might get hung on.

I do have 2 Questions:
1: Any chance on getting a tutorial on accomplishing this through FreeIPA? I'm looking into that for my job, but there is a whole lot that still goes over my head, and I learn more by sight and doing than reading. And the FreeIPA docs are quite long, and extensive, and DRY.

2: You said there was a wiki for 18.04 on Ubuntu Wiki.  But does this method you have work on that distro? I saw some comments on youtube about the success on 20.04