Composr Community Chat #1

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This was the first weekly live community chat for Composr, the flexible CMS with advanced social, interactive, and dynamic functionality. This was an open meeting for both users and developers of Composr! Next week, join the call yourself at

- Start of chat: 1:48
- Composr changing from cathedral to bazaar: 6:12
- Additional theme settings to allow easier upgrading: 19:47
- Making next/previous links for news entries within a category: 30:30
- Customizing the permission denied message: 59:02
- Composr 10.1 cancelled due to lack of beta testing: 1:05:15
- Implementing site-wide messages for Composr 10: 1:08:41
- Speaking to Rajesh, Composr's community coordinator: 1:14:57
- Brief Tempcode introduction/tutorial: 1:24:29
- Challenges of building websites with Composr: 1:26:09
- Tile-based dynamic website concept: 1:32:49

Learn more about Composr:

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