Installing Collabora Online on a Nextcloud Server

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Collabora Online is a LibreOffice-based program that lets you edit documents from your web browser in Nextcloud. Today, we'll be installing Collabora on our Ubuntu 18.04 server using Docker.

- Docker installation instructions:
- Nextcloud's Collabora instructions (with Apache virtual host template):

- DigitalOcean referral code (save $10):
- Hover referral code (save $2):

- Collabora Homepage:
- Nextcloud Homepage:

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nice video,
but if you can test LibreOffice online with the original image ( libreoffice/online:master ) i use this image i don't know if it has limitation like CODE.
I haven't tested it, but I can pretty much guarantee that the limitations are not in place within LibreOffice Online. If they were, it would mean that Collabora put them there deliberately and The Document Foundation let them, which would surprise me. I might make a video about using LibreOffice Online sometime in the future, if it's feasible.