Oracle Axes Solaris - Rolling Release #14

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Solaris is done, Ubuntu's always behind, and Manjaro makes a not-so-shocking announcement.

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Show Notes:

Oracle shuts down Solaris and SPARC, lays off 2500 people:

SUSE announces Package Hub, releases SLES 12.3 SP3:

Flathub Now Lists Apps for 1-Click Installation:

OpenShot 2.4 Released with a "Focus on Stability":

KDE Designer Forgets the Buttons in new System Settings Layout:

PulseAudio 11.0 Released, but Ubuntu 17.10 will Wait 7 Months:

Linux Mint Gets a Feature that KDE Already Had, Claims It's the First:

Manjaro Drops 32-bit, Copies Arch Announcement Word-for-Word:

Red Hat brings Remote Desktop to GNOME on Wayland:

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