PulseAudio for Video - Rolling Release #16

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GNOME wants a piece of the smartphone action, PS4 controllers work great on Fedora, and PipeWire's going to solve all of our A/V problems.

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Show Notes:

Good old-fashioned package managers are still under active development:

Manjaro Gets its Own Laptop:

Ubuntu 17.10 Dock gets Dynamic Transparency:

PlayStation DualShock Controllers now Supported in Fedora, GNOME:

PipeWire will replace PulseAudio and Jack, and handle video:

GNOME Jumps In on Librem 5 Support:

Developer Discontinues Global Menu Extension due to GNOME's Breaking Changes:

Linux 4.14 will Support 128 Petabytes of RAM:

Canonical Patches BlueBorne for All Supported Ubuntu Versions:

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