Works in Progress - Rolling Release #24

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Several large projects are in the middle of big updates, and we discuss reports about each of their progress.

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- XFCE 4.14 Status: 00:37
- ElementaryOS Juno Updates: 9:31
- GTK Global Menus in Plasma: 33:09
- Librem 5 Progress Updates: 35:54
- Solus Software Center Redesign: 48:07
- ACME v2, Debian 9.4, System76 Warehouse, and RMS Birthday: 57:59

Show Notes:

XFCE 4.14 Status:

ElementaryOS Juno Updates:

Plasma 5.13 brings Global Menu Support for GTK Apps:

Librem 5 Progress Update:

Solus Software Center gets Redesigned:

Quick Mentions:

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