NOTS 6-Year Music Video

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PLAYBACK INSTRUCTIONS: For this year's montage video, I used copyrighted music that I have no legal right to redistribute. Borrowing a page from free software culture, I've decided to provide you with the pieces necessary to experience the video and the directions to put them together.

You will need to find yourself a legally-obtained copy of the song "Now That We've Come So Far" by Jeff Williams (links below.) Start the song at the very beginning of the track, and click play right when the countdown at the beginning of this video reaches 0.

Song links:
YouTube (third-party channel) -
iTunes -

This is a video containing clips from the past 6 years of Nerd on the Street content. Some of the clips were previously unreleased, while many of them are from videos we have published on our website and various YouTube channels. This video was shown twice during the NOTS 6-Year Anniversary Livestream. Enjoy!

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