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Hopefully there is going to be a season 3. If they are already making it now than this has no effect

I think I am the first person ever to make a thread, huh. Anyways, I love displaced. It was a very odd story how I found it. See I was watching my daily scoop of Doctor Who on amazon video when at the end it said:

Similar shows: Displaced

And it had a Minecraft image. Now I play Minecraft daily so didnt come as a suprise that there was a cinimatic show in Minecraft. What WAS suprising and was the reason I watched it is because IT WAS ON FRICKING AMAZON VIDEO. Now I think you only realy see shows on amazon video when there like big hollywood productions. Anyway so it was sort of like clickbait. This is very unusual and odd, CLICK.
and I got hooked. It was amazing. I didnt realy think about minecraft stargate up to that point. (Btw I have beening doing minecraft stargate things for like the past month now.) When serires 1 ended and I was like OMG SENPIA I NEED MORE. I noticed that at the end of almost all of them it said go to for more episodes. And I was like WELL WHY NOT. And this got my seires 2 rolling. after watching the whole seires in 1 day I proceded to watch the live stream and basicly andything that even had the word displaced in it. After that I started spaming my freind Micah to come on my server with stargate mods installed. Then he got annoyed and was like. "My goodness you are to obsesed about something as insugnifisent as a stuid circle." And he kinda stoped after that. Then I started messing around with stargates on my own. Then rewatched bolth seires again and then watched the Original movie again. bla bla bla. I was on this uper hyped mood of "I NEED MORE DISPLACED."  So I am now at this point where I am making a thread.


I love displaced so I want to get ideas for it

Ok and so I begin what I want series 3 to be. Now I have left a comment on the livestream about how I want to be a script writer for free but hey I don't want to re type it so meh. I think the cliff hanger at the end of serires 2 is VERY leaning towards a serires 3. There for if they don't already have all the episodes done and ready to be released then this will actualy hopefully help. So Idea time. It takes off with Eli entering the stargate to the destiny. He finds that there isnt much there and so plugs ELSA into the ships AI slot. After that he asks her to see if he can plug NORA in to. ELSA thanks Eli for pluging her in and proceeds to scan the ships to see if he can indeed plug NORA in. It turns out he can but only with it being ELSA being a secondary AI. Meaning she is still able to be alive and take control of the vessle but not be able to talk or interact with Eli. Elsa have a subjective opinion says that she wouldent mind that as long as she can still be consence. So as Eli heads down to the AI room once again it cuts to Sarah and, Shoot I forget the other peoples names. Oh well, basicly the stargate has no charge left in it at all to even establish a link to the Tarrian space ship. With the sheild down a emergency voice Inteligence or EVI says that the city will decompress in about 1 minute. With bolth of them having some scence of reason they tell EVI to start puting full power from the reactor into the sheilds. When that is done to start charging the stargate.

And there is my pitch for the first episode.
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Hello there, and thank you so much for making a forum post! This is exactly the kind of thing that motivates me to keep working.

Season 3 is definitely happening, although it is in early days right now. The story is planned out, but the script has not been written yet. Right now we're focusing our time on animation. The series will continue to have Minecraft-esque graphics, but rather than using actual Minecraft to record, we're switching to an animation program called Blender. I'm posting a video talking about this and giving a quick glimpse at Eli's character model later this week, so stay tuned! It's a big change, but I'm hoping it will be for the best in the long run.

It's really interesting to hear that you found us on Amazon Video. Compared to YouTube or Dailymotion, it was a BIG pain to get published on there, but it was clearly worth it if you found us through an Amazon recommendation. Thanks so much for sharing!
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