How did you discover Linux?

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The YouTube user "Mexicomank2" left a comment on my System76 Serval WS Unboxing video asking the following:
… so I'm kind of curious what made you get into the Linux world ? I myself have been messing with Ubuntu out of curiosity on a partition on my MacBook Pro
I typed up a response, but it ended up being 10 paragraphs long and not suited for a YouTube comment. I typed up a response on my blog, which you can read here:

The reason this response got so long is because my love for Linux is really something that developed over time (like I said in that last paragraph.) I'm sure that most Linux users have similar stories, so I'd love to hear from anyone else about how you got into Linux. Where did you hear about it, when did you start using it, when did you feel like you had officially switched, and when did you stop looking back? Who told you about it first, and who helped you when you had problems?

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My informatics teacher kickstarted my curiosity for Linux. I remember how I had no idea that other operating systems exist. I was so excited!
So I tried to install Linux for the first time. And I so carelessly formatted my whole hard drive. No backups. No regrets.  :lol:
Problems? I had to seek help in the local forums. Because internet traffic used to cost money that kids can't have.
And I also had some problems with language. Because kids usually speak their native language only. Такие вот проблемы.
Now I use Linux mostly on my older PC as a home server / NAS / PaaS for various experiments. Maybe I consider using Linux as my daily driver later.
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well i knew about linux….
but i stuck with windows 8.1
……and then windows 10 arrived…i installed it
and then i heard the "spying" stories storming in…

i grew sick of it,and then reverted back to 8.1…and also installed linux mint and dual booted both.But,i never used mint that much because most of the time i ended up playing video games on windows.

Then,i just decided to completely ditch windows altogether and switch to linux fulltime..stuck with mint for a month or two,and then the "distro hopping" syndrome got me,and i started exploring.  
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