Installing Collabora Online on a Nextcloud Server

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Content: Installing Collabora Online on a Nextcloud Server

  • Posted January 2nd 2019, 3:52 PM

nice video,
but if you can test LibreOffice online with the original image ( libreoffice/online:master ) i use this image i don't know if it has limitation like CODE.
I haven't tested it, but I can pretty much guarantee that the limitations are not in place within LibreOffice Online. If they were, it would mean that Collabora put them there deliberately and The Document Foundation let them, which would surprise me. I might make a video about using LibreOffice Online sometime in the future, if it's feasible.
As a RPi and Nextcloud noob, your video on getting Collabora set up was very helpful. However, I got stuck somewhere, and the URL for the Collabora server is not connecting (in Nextcloud settings). I suspect it's because I'm entering the domain name incorrectly in one or more places.

For my NC server, I'm using a domain name from NoIP ( I've added a DNS Host Map setting in my router that points any traffice to to my RPi,  which means goes to my login page. So my perception was that when running Docker at about 16:12 in the video, I should use 'domain=example\.server\.com\/nextcloud'

I tried it without the \/nextcloud - but that didn't work either. I would think the /nextcloud is necessary to point to the actualy NC instance, but maybe I used the \escape incorrectly?

I'm also wondering about the settings in the collabora1.conf file. Should the ServerName be:

Finally, I thought maybe my router is part of the problem, since I previously wasn't able to access NC via the NoIP domain name while inside my LAN until I set the DNS Host Map. But when I tried to add and point it to the same local IP, it wouldn't let me (it says I can only have one domain name associated with the same IP). I'm less sure this is the issue, but figured I'd mention it.

Any ideas where I went wrong?
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