NOTS 5-Year Highlight Reel

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For over 5 years, Jacob's been making technology videos under the name "Nerd on the Street." However, NOTS is about more than just technology. From our iTunes podcasts to our Stargate fan fiction, this highlight reel features the best moments from our alternative content throughout the company's history.

- Building a Computer: 00:09
- End of the World Livestream: 00:54
- Life on Linux: 02:17
- Ingress: 03:41
- Displaced (Season 1): 06:14
- Friday Night Hangouts: 10:53
- RTX 2016: 15:34
- Displaced (Season 2): 17:27
- Displaced on The Mikecast: 19:03
- Extra Life 2015: 20:08
- Extra Life 2016: 21:44

Our lives would not be the same without Nerd on the Street. As all of us are growing up, we're finding it increasingly difficult to justify, commit to, and afford continuing NOTS productions. If you enjoy our content and want to help us fulfill our dream of making more, please join the Nerd Club for $3/month:

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"5-Year Beat" by Jacob Kauffmann
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"Cubes" by Jacob Kauffmann
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"Lucky Duck" by Silent Partner
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"Supernova" by EzaOne
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"Get Set" by Sirius Beat
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"Rise" by Ampyx
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