Nerd on the Street has an IRC server that you can use to chat with the community!

Click the "Join" link at the top of the page to register an account on the NOTS website (if you don't have one yet), then use the information below to connect and authenticate in IRC.

How to Connect

Use the following connection details in your IRC client:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6697
  • Secure Connection (SSL): Yes
  • Nickname: Your username on the NOTS website.

Once you're connected, you must authenticate using the following command before you're able to send messages:

/msg NickServ identify yourpasswordhere

Where "yourpasswordhere" is your password on the NOTS website. (All connections between your IRC client, the IRC server, and the NOTS website are secured by SSL/TLS encryption.)

Active Channels

Once connected, join any of the following channels, which are all bridged with the NOTS Discord server:

  • #general: Technology through creativity. Creativity through technology.
  • #technology: Conversation about GNU/Linux and other technology.
  • #random: For messages that do not pertain to NOTS, technology, creativity, Linux, software freedom, video games, or anything else remotely on-topic for this server.
  • #livestream: For use during livestreams at (also bridged with the web chatroom.)
  • #announcements (read-only): A stream of official info about Nerd on the Street.
  • #feed (read-only): Notifications about new NOTS content.

Need an IRC Client?

If you don't have an IRC client yet, here are a few good ones you can use (all clients listed are libre/open-source):


Usage of the NOTS IRC server is subject to the same rules as the NOTS website. Content that is illegal within the United States is not allowed, chatters are encouraged to remain family-friendly, and staff may temporarily or permanently ban members for any reason (or no reason) with no explanation required.

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