Fedora's Freedom Priority - Rolling Release #18

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Fedora's having trouble deciding between freedom and popularity, LibreOffice is getting a new mascot, and Purism's on the verge of reaching their crowdfunding goal for the Librem 5.

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Show Notes:

Fedora contributors disagree on importance of NVIDIA proprietary driver:

LibreOffice on the search for a community mascot:

Google announces Linux LTS Kernels will now have 6 Years of Support:

Librem 5 Campaign at 90% of Goal (reached 100% before publication):

ReactOS Migrates 20+ Years of Code to GitHub:

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Fuchsia is the operating system….
magenta is the kernel….

"F*** YOU NVIDIA" -linus torvalds….
jeez i made a mistake….its
"Nvidia, F*** You"