NOTS Podcast

The NOTS Podcast is an audio podcast, produced by Nerd on the Street and published on iTunes, Google Play Music, an RSS feed, and the NOTS website.

Nerd on the Street Podcast (Episodes 1 - 14)

The first incarnation of the NOTS Podcast consisted of Jacob and various friends (including Devin, Adam, and Michael) talking about their general lives. The podcast was recorded via a private Mumble channel, and edited for flow.

Recurring Segments

Jacob did a mock "relationship advice" segment on several episodes of the podcast. This segment started because the "" domain name was registered to a relationship advice website before Jacob purchased it.

Behind-the-Scenes (Episodes 13 - 14)

For two episodes, the NOTS Podcast was reworked to be a behind-the-scenes production podcast. This version was discontinued shortly after it started because Jacob and Michael did not feel they had enough production experience to talk about on a weekly basis.

Friday Night Hangout (Episodes 15 - 69)

This version of the podcast consisted of Jacob and Adam talking about their week each Friday. The podcast was recorded live on the Friday Night Hangout video livestream, and the audio from the stream was lightly edited and released in podcast form, usually after a delay of several months.

Recurring Segments

On several episodes, Jacob started the podcast with a brief "tech news" segment, because the podcast is listed on iTunes under the "technology" category.

Several times, Adam stated that he was working with Stephanie on a secret project for the NOTS Gaming channel. Jacob created the "Stephanie & Adam Secret Project Tracker" to keep track of these mentions.

RTX 2016

Episodes 63 and 64 were recorded while Jacob and Adam were visiting Austin, TX for RTX 2016. Jacob first asked Adam if he wanted to go to RTX on the podcast while RTX 2015 was occurring, and the two discussed details of their trip over the next year on the podcast.

List of Episodes

# Recorded Published Podcast Link Livestream DVR Link
1 Unknown 17 March 2014 N/A
2 Unknown 29 March 2014 N/A
3 Unknown 12 April 2014 N/A
4 Unknown 30 April 2014 N/A
4 Unknown 30 April 2014 N/A
5 Unknown 24 May 2014 N/A
6 Unknown 8 June 2014 N/A
7 Unknown 18 June 2014 N/A
8 Unknown 25 June 2014 N/A
9 Unknown 12 July 2014 N/A
10 Unknown 25 July 2014 N/A
11 Unknown 3 August 2014 N/A
12 Unknown 8 August 2014 N/A
13 Unknown 6 November 2014 N/A
14 Unknown 17 January 2015 N/A
15 Unknown 25 January 2015 Unavailable
16 Unknown 20 April 2015 Unavailable
17 Unknown 23 May 2015 Unavailable
18 Unknown 4 July 2015 Unavailable
19 Unknown 5 July 2015 Unavailable
20 Unknown 7 August 2015 Unavailable
21 Unknown 9 August 2015 Unavailable
22 Unknown 5 September 2015 Unavailable
23 Unknown 6 September 2015 Unavailable
24 Unknown 1 October 2015 Unavailable

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